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3 Fingers on Falling Water Creek Boulder View
Falling Water Creek
Richland Creek Falls 15 Fall
Falling Water Falls 17 low angle
Lost Valley, Buffalo Nat. River Park 16
3 Fingers Falls Profile 17
Falling Water Falls high angle 17
Rock Stairs in Lost Valley
3 Fingers Falls
Buffalo River Bluff
Below 3 Fingers Falls
Feeder Creek in Cedar Creek Canyon , Petit Jean State Park
Richland Creek
Richland Creek
Feeder Creek in Cedar Creek Canyon, Petit Jean State Park Vert
Boulders on Richland Creek
Richland Creek Boulder and Light
Richland Creek Falls
Above Falling Water Falls
3 Fingers Falls Profile early spring
Falling Water Creek
3 Doors, Richland Creek
Richland Creek Pano 1
Richland Creek Pano 2
Peter Cabin
Falling Water Falls, Low angle , 2006
Subtle Scene on Richland Creek 2006
Three Doors on Richland Creek, 2006
Above Haw Creek Falls, 2011
Snowy reflection on the Buffalo River 2003
Roark Bluff h1, 2002 image
Roark Bluff apex vert. 2006
Blanket of Maples 2001
Sugar Maples, 2001
Rock Altar, Graves Creek 2000
Below Falling Water Falls, 1999 image
Falling Water Creek, panoramic 1999
Bobtail Bolder on Richland Creek, 2009 image
Richland Creek, no.3 2009 image
Twin Falls on Devils Fork, 2001
Falling Water Creek 2001 image
Sunset at the Throne, 2001
Spadra Creek, 2002 image
Speinhour Falls, 2002 image
100 Mile Sunset , Lake Ludwig, 2004
Richland Creek Falls, 2006 image
Buzzard's Roost, 2000 image
Richland Creek Falls, 2000 image
Falling Water Falls, 1999 image
Haw Creek no.2 2010
Haw Creek Falls Spring 2010
Richland Creek, Upside-Down Reflection 1998
Below Richland Falls, 2001 image
Cedar Falls, Petit Jean State Park, 2008
Lower Snowflake Falls 2009
3 Doors, Richland Creek, 2000
Twin Falls at Devil's Fork, 2001 image
Devils Boulder Garden, 2001 image
Long Devils Falls, 2001 image
Upper White Oak Lake, 2003 image
Monarch Butterfly, 2003 image
Hidden Canyon, 1999 image
Kessler Singletrack, 2009 image
Richland Falls Profile, 2006 image
Carden Bottom Sunset, 2007 image
Wildcat Sunset, Yell County, 2004 image
New Years Eve Sunset 2007
Under the Hood Sunset, 2007 image
The Edge of Falling Water, 2010 image
Sams throne, 2010 image
Three Fingers, Falling Water Creek, 2010
Below Falling Water Falls, 2010 image
Cedar Creek, Petit Jean State Park, 2010 image
Haw Creek Falls, no.1 2010 image
Cedar creek Canyon, Petit Jean State Park, 2010 image
Sam's Throne, Christmas Eve 2001
Haw Creek Falls no.2 , 2010 image
Indian Slide, h1, 1999
Falling Water Falls, high angle, 2010 image
Behind the Ice , Falling Water Falls, 2010 image
Below Richland Falls, Ice Storm 2000 image
Big Piney near Ft. Douglas, 2007 image
Richland creek, upside down reflection, 2008 image
Spriing Lake Reflection, 2007
upper Cedar Creek, 2008 image
upper CedarCreek Boulder Garden, 2008 image
Three Fingers Detail, 2002
Self-Portrait at Twin Falls, 2001 image
Stepping Stone, 1999 image
Indian Slide, 1999
OCB Hollow,White Oak Mtn, 1998 image
Hwy 7 over the Fouche Lafave River
Big Shoal Creek, 2011
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