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Ken ,The Cantwell Tire King
Bill in Flattrack Bliss
Henry, the Buckin' Goat, Arkansas 2010
in the hen house, Arkansas 2010
No Parking Outhouse, Chitna, Alaska, 2005
View from Hoboken, 2010
Kawataski Cabin, British Columbia, 2007
Bag of Clothes Pins, British Columbia, 2007
Moonshiner's Ride, Ozark Nat. Forrest, Arkansas, 2001
Sellin' Maps in Millenium Park, Chicago, 2009
Kennicott Copper Mine, Alaska, 2005
Under the Bean Reflection, Chicago, 2008
The Bean, Chicago, 2008
White Nuckle Ulus, bike by Ron Carpenter, Alaska 2007
Frasier River Bridge, British Columbia, 2004
the Ball mill at the Goldenzone, Alaska, 2003
The Goldenzone Homestead, Alaska, 2003
The Man in Black Tribute, Kingsland , Arkansas, 2003
Pickens Screen Door, Arkansas 2003
1938 Dodge Detail, Hagarville, Arkansas, 2000
Caution, 1938 Dodge Schoolbus, Hagarville, Arkansas, 2000
Old Barn Corner, Grafton ,Utah, 2004
Grafton Homestead, Utah, 2004
Old Store in Ten Sleep, Wyoming, 2006
Old Cabin and Cloudscape in Wyoming, 2006
Wilbert Garfield's Grave, Dyea Alaska, 2006
E.T. Hutton's Grave, Dyea, Alaska, 2006
Dyea Graveyard, Alaska, 2006
Our Lady of the Way, Haines Junction, Yukon 2004
Gracious Cabin, Alaska 2007
Riley Creek Train Tressel, Alaska 2006
Byers Cabin, Alaska 2004
IGLOO Sunset, Alaska 2004
Liard Hot Springs, Yukon 2006
Ola Water Tower, Arkansas 2005
Peter Cabin, Arkansas 2004
Snolick School House, Arkansas 2007
Kennocott Mine v1, Alaska 2005
Telegraph Creek B.C. 2007
Cabin in Treat Arkansas 2000
Tribute to Warren Willis III in Big Bend, Texas 2004
Church in Wing, Arkansas 2007